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The world around us is always changing

And for organisations wanting to stay ahead, agility, flexibility and the ability to change effectively are competitive advantages. But accomplishing effective and lasting change is a complex process that often falls short of its objectives.

It isn't working
Only 12-34% of change initiatives deliver anticipated results
Bains & Co / Gartner
It isn't sticking
80% of companies use a top-down approach, so employees are not invested
It's overwhelming
73% of employees report being affected by change saturation and fatigue

At Forty1, we focus on empowering the element at the heart of every change… people

Forty1 brings the people side of change to organisational change programs.

Preparing people and teams to make change happen.

That’s what we do.

A fresh approach to change

We believe there are three core elements to empowering change.

Uncovering robust data about where people are on their change journey, using our proprietary diagnostic tool
Behavioural Science
Applying the science of human behaviour to understand why they behave as they do
Delivering creative interventions to move people along the change path to inspire lasting change that drives business goals

We partner with our clients every step of the way to turn insights into action.

Our perspectives

Guy Champniss, PhD September 14, 2023

But What Do You Really Think?

Putting behavioural science to work to better understand why organisations do and don’t successfully change.

The Greek philosopher Heraclitus observed around the fifth...

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Carol Feinberg April 26, 2023

How To Confidently Change During Economic Uncertainty

You can’t escape the bleak financial news. Leading economists and financial institutions like Bank of America, Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan Chase are warning of a...

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Hannah Parkinson April 18, 2023

Heart & Science - A recipe for better employee engagement results

@The Employee Engagement Summit | 19th April 2023, London

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Hannah Parkinson March 23, 2023

Forty1's ‘Morphex’ applies innovative Behavioural Algorithm to transform the way people experience business change

Forty1’s new behavioural science-based diagnostic tool generates personalised data-driven insights to help leaders deliver more impactful change.

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Carol Feinberg January 26, 2023

It's time to change the way we change

We gathered change and communications professionals from around the world and asked them to share insights and experiences so we could explore how, together, we can...

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Carol Feinberg October 13, 2022

We’re always changing – so why is it so hard?

We change our hairstyle and feel more confident, we change from Doritos to carrots and feel healthier, we change from couch sitters to Peloton devotees and feel...

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Carol Feinberg October 12, 2022

Four truths about people-centric change

Do you remember the Robert Zemeckis movie, Mars Needs Moms? Me neither. On the list of all-time box office flops, that one is at the top, with a loss of $144 million. It...

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Russ Lidstone October 07, 2022

8 principles for catalysing culture through change

One of the key questions leaders are faced with is, "How do you maintain, or indeed strengthen, company culture in the face of change?" Our CEO, Russ Lidstone believes...

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Guy Champniss, PhD April 12, 2022

Elevate science to really help people to change their ways

“In the fast-changing world of healthcare there’s never been a greater need foremployees to adapt their behaviour, enabling them to work in new ways, learn new skills, ...

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Jason Frank April 12, 2022

Time to change the way we change

Listening, science, and skills: three steps to helping employees create change that really sticks.

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Jason Frank April 05, 2022

Amplify your purpose to create the energy for change

Change is all about belief, emotion and energy. There’s nothing quite like the power of real-life stories demonstrating the positive impact of what you do, to help get...

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Hillary Brown March 30, 2022

Embrace a new era of enhanced virtual employee listening

“Listening won’t solve all your problems, but it does offer a chance for your people to safely share their voice, increase their connection to the organisation and build...

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Jason Frank March 17, 2022

Let’s create change that sticks

In this report, seven of our experts on the frontline of change in the world’s leading healthcare organisations share their advice on engaging employees. The experts...

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How we've helped our clients

Learning for Life

By designing a distinctive creative campaign with a bold idea to deliver a behavioural science experiment at its heart, we’re helping a large global pharma business to create moments that encourage their people to embrace a more agile approach to renewing and refreshing the skills they need to thrive.

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Learning for Life

Change in Action

A mega-merger of global life sciences companies required change management and communications. We partnered with our client to develop and lead Day One activities, along with subsequent integration activities and communications strategy and implementation. We delivered employee experience programs to provide an ongoing dialog with employees from both companies, retaining key talent.

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Change in Action

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