It's time to change the way we change

This event has now past. Please look out for the report.

In a world of constant flux, agility, flexibility and the ability to change effectively are competitive advantages.

But we all know that accomplishing effective and lasting change is a complex process that often falls short of its objectives.

At Forty1, we believe it’s time to change the way we change, and that starts right here, right now, with all of us.

In this 60-minute session we will:

  • Discuss potential barriers to meaningful change that you and your peers are facing
  • Uncover solutions for driving lasting change
  • Explore what the future of change could look like for our business and people

Following this, our award-winning Behavioral Science team led by Guy Champniss, PhD, will lead a short Q&A where together we’ll explore the human element of change.

Come with your questions to ask the team.

As well as benefiting from real-time insights and answers to your questions during the session, attendees will also receive a full report with our findings and expert recommendations.

When: Wednesday November 2nd, 12PM ET / 4 PM GMT

Where: Microsoft Teams & XLeap (see below)

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How will it work?


We use XLeap, an online listening platform, where participants share their written thoughts anonymously (no names, no cameras) with the group. In this psychologically safe environment, participants can share their honest responses and fresh perspectives, giving all participants deep insights in real time.

The session is run by a trained moderator, who guides the discussion and provides real-time analysis based on your responses. This is followed by our panel discussion (cameras on) with Behavioral Science Team.

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