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The Problem 

For most organisations implementing DEI – There’s a gulf between aspiration and reality.

To close the reality gap, a business must first be honest about what it might be getting right, and wrong, on DEI.

It then has to be brave enough, both institutionally and interpersonally, to confront its findings, no matter how difficult that might be.

The Solution 

Implement DEI with the whole employee experience in mind. 

You want to ensure a positive work experience for everyone, everywhere, everyday. So do we.

We believe in making DEI a reality through rigorous, intentional application, consciously present at every step of the employee experience.

We call this our Applied DEI.

The Support 

We create lasting change and business impact by applying DEI across the whole employee experience.

Partnering with our clients to discover their specific DEI challenges, we then collaborate on ways to overcome them.

Client Testimonial
Sheetal Sawhney, Capgemini, Marketing & Communications Specialist
Together In Pride was amongst our best D&I comms campaign this year. Your team helped us explore and incorporate many elements that played a critical part in the overall strategy, theme and content development. Our OUTfront network that includes the LGBT+ community and allies was very happy with the messages and our collaborative approach. This campaign helped us build more awareness about the community, our vision and outstanding work that’s being done in different geographies.
Is Allyship for You?
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DE&I From the inside out
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About Forty1’s DEI Centre of Excellence

At Forty1, the employee engagement division of The Creative Engagement Group, we believe Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) create better employee experiences.

Our DEI Centre of Excellence enables us to shape the positive and inclusive employee experiences a modern workforce expects. Through active listening, engaging communications and practical learning, we’re ensuring DEI is an integral part of people’s working lives.

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