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As a woman business owner and an employee communications and engagement expert, Jill Vitiello is a lifelong advocate of diverse and inclusive workplace cultures. Yet, in one astonishing moment, she realized that her DEI efforts fell short. 
When “head” knowledge changed to “heart” knowledge, she began a journey to become an ally. 
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Jill Vitiello
“It’s not enough to check the DEI box with performative gestures. Your employees want – and deserve – an inclusive corporate culture built on the principles of appreciating diversity and ensuring equity. Allyship is the bridge that connects actions with intentions.”
-- Jill Vitiello (Workshop leader)

About Forty1’s DEI Centre of Excellence

At Forty1, the employee engagement division of The Creative Engagement Group, we believe Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) create better employee experiences.

Our DEI Centre of Excellence enables us to shape the positive and inclusive employee experiences a modern workforce expects. Through active listening, engaging communications and practical learning, we’re ensuring DEI is an integral part of people’s working lives.

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